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The Other Slavery Book Review

They died from slavery, overwork, and famine. Reséndez examines the methods of enslavement, from the 15th-century Caribbean to 19th-century California, and his approachable style eases reading difficult personal stories.

  • Reséndez uses the term “other slavery” because this form of bondage targeted Indigenous peoples rather than Africans and involved a range of captivity and coercion forms. Through careful research, which included original Spanish and English documents, Reséndez captures the horror of Indigenous slavery and the complicity of Europeans and Americans alike in allowing.

  • The Other Slavery is a fascinating, insightful historical text that blends accessibility and academic rigor while complicating our perspective on labor practices. Reséndez’s narrative is vital to understanding how enslavement was a major factor in the development of American identity. NONFICTION – HISTORY The Other Slavery by Andrés Reséndez

  • The Other Slavery 's understated just-the-facts reportage will likely surprise you. It's a study in the abuse of power that lays bare a shameful history, and suggests a clear, chilling line to our present. Everybody's guilty, and while The Other Slavery isn't a call to action, it makes an intellectual and emotional demand of its readers.

The Other Slavery Book Review - Essay Help 24x7

The Other Slavery Book Review - Essay Help 24x7

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